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name: Amanda
location: Daytona Beach, Florida
age: 17
music: Hardcore/Metalcore/Indie ( The Blood Brothers, Alexisonfire, AILD, Casey Jones, Norma Jean & ETID.)
suicidal tendencies?: None. I'm perfectly content and life is too amazing to be suicidal.
riot or diet?: Riot x's 3857985. Diet if you're 3857985 lbs overweight.
tell us a rumor.: Well.. he said that she said Diana was having a baby. But she she was lying. Diana told Scott who was dating Sally that it wasn't true. And they all did it on Verizon wireless fucking talk mintues.
rate yourself one-to-ten: I'd give myself a 10 million. Actually an 8 due to my some of my faults, but hell everyone has them.
tell us your opinions on:

-abortion (whoa! soo cliche! I think it's wrong. You shouldn't use abortion as a choice unless it puts the mothers life in danger..Or if it was rape. For the most part you have a choice to use birth control/condoms and I mean, if you aren't smart enough to use them.. you should have to deal with the consequences.. It's not the baby's fault that you didn't use protection. Atleast put it up for adoption.
-feminism/women's rights For. Women have just as many rights as men, I believe. We should have more anyways, because we think. Oh snap. I mean.. well to an extent. But if your one of those major feminism freaks.. nah.
-plastic surgery I'm not really sure.. to be honest. I don't think you should really cut and paste your body to prefection.. but if that's your all means drop thousands for shit that just makes you look fake.
-smoking?///drugs? It's not my thing.. just because a) I hate the way cigarettes taste. b) Drugs just completely fuck you up (my friend Mike has been sent to the hospital twice from my house due to his stupidity. c) drinking is moderation I mean as long as you don't get plastered all the time and make a complete ass of yourself. But it's your body.. so I believe it's your choice.
-homosexuality For. Totally. You can't help who you are attracted to and who you love. Plain and simple. And if you don't like it don't hang out with fucking lesbians/bis/gays. Simple as that.
-racism Against. We all breathe, have a heart, shit, eat, have hands.. I mean.. we aren't anything different.. but the only thing that pisses me off is how like when you say "Nigger" and you're white.. it's an insult..but black guys go to eachother saying "Hey nigger" it either needs to be a word that is okay.. or a word that shouldn't be used by anyone.. Because even though nigger is a semi-racist word.. Them allowing it to be said to one another and not letting a white person say it is racist in my eyes as well. It's just dumb.

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3 or more clear picutres, preferably of your face


Sexy..kind of.

Sorry for the non-rotated pictures.
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