Mawia-San (lttrs_to_elise) wrote in rumor_milkshake,


Name: Maria
location: Lakeland,FL
age: 17
music: 80's and Metal (weird, huh?)
suicidal tendencies?: Meh'...not really.
riot or diet?: Diet
tell us a rumor.: Err...someone sucked off the president.
rate yourself one-to-ten: 6

tell us your opinions on-

-abortion (whoa! soo cliche!):
It's up to the parent(s), she's the one baring the child, she has the choice. Either let it be a crack head, or never let it get hurt.
-feminism/women's rights: Of course I think women need their rights, they work just as hard as anyone, and maybe sometimes harder!
-plastic surgery: If I got burned or broke my face, I'd want it. But I wouldn't use it to try to be someone(thing) I'm not.
-smoking?///drugs?: I don't like cigarettes, but I won't stop you from doing them. Same goes for drugs. Just be careful!
-homosexuality: Jesus, Im tired of this...LEAVE THEM ALONE.
-racism: It's funny in jokes, but it's lame to actually be racist. We all are, in some way.

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who?/where?: (this one is screened-ish)

+3 or more clear pictures, preferably of your face:




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