Mawia-San (lttrs_to_elise) wrote in rumor_milkshake,


Name: Maria
location: Lakeland,FL
age: 17
music: 80's and Metal (weird, huh?)
suicidal tendencies?: Meh'...not really.
riot or diet?: Diet
tell us a rumor.: Err...someone sucked off the president.
rate yourself one-to-ten: 6

tell us your opinions on-

-abortion (whoa! soo cliche!):
It's up to the parent(s), she's the one baring the child, she has the choice. Either let it be a crack head, or never let it get hurt.
-feminism/women's rights: Of course I think women need their rights, they work just as hard as anyone, and maybe sometimes harder!
-plastic surgery: If I got burned or broke my face, I'd want it. But I wouldn't use it to try to be someone(thing) I'm not.
-smoking?///drugs?: I don't like cigarettes, but I won't stop you from doing them. Same goes for drugs. Just be careful!
-homosexuality: Jesus, Im tired of this...LEAVE THEM ALONE.
-racism: It's funny in jokes, but it's lame to actually be racist. We all are, in some way.

promote this community to one other community or 2 other LJ users.
who?/where?: (this one is screened-ish)

+3 or more clear pictures, preferably of your face:




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i was hoping you would apply. you are lovely.
Thanks doll, I think you're lovely too.
Wait, why is the app so short ? Or am I just not paying enough attention.
Well your answers were short, but I liked them, you seem to have some good/not-really-quite-cookie-cutter-common oppinions. You can have a yes, but only 'cus you don't like looking at the cammera.
Ha, thanks.
You're pretty but that food picture is gross!

Then again, I do that with my friends all the time so I'm not one to say anything.

Yes. Of course.
That rumor is so lame.
Aren't most rumors?
Oh, no no! You see, the rumor about Lil Bow Wow being butt raped isn't lame, just scary.
i'll say yes. just cause its different.
yes dilla