Nickay♥ (movie_scene) wrote in rumor_milkshake,


Name: Nicky
location: Mesa,Arizona
age: 15
music: Hardcore,Screamo,Indie,80's,& Metal
suicidal tendencies?: Nope.
riot or diet?: Diet
tell us a rumor.: After school Jose&Casey give each other blow jobs
rate yourself one-to-ten: 7

tell us your opinions on-

-abortion (whoa! soo cliche!): I could go on forever about this matter,so many different opinions and point of views,but I'll stick with my mine,I wouldn't get it done,give it up for adoption.
-feminism/women's rights: Everyone is equal in my mind,just because we have a vagina things are different for us?Why?We all deserve to be treated with the same respect.
-plastic surgery: I don't like it,well I don't like it on those people who constantly think they have to get it done cause they aren't perfect.If I got burnt or something terrible happen to myself I would think about,I don't know if I'd actually do it.
-smoking?///drugs?: I smoke cigs,I like it.I don't like drugs,it ruins so many things for you.
-homosexuality: I'm straight,but for people who aren't I have your back 110% 
-racism: I love joking around with it,nigger is on my favorite words,but actually being racist ain't my thang & if you are,I despise you.

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