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name:bettie D. Or emily
location: Houston Texas
age: sicksteen
music: psychobilly rockabilly mainly .., old school punk newer hardcore punk, ska, regge, oi, hardcore, screamo, rock n' roll, 80's new wave, political punk, [rap but only dead prez because they are political]
suicidal tendencies?: is a rockin band
riot or diet?: riot baby, thats what i live for.
tell us a rumor.: apparently Shona is the "waltrip" whore [my school]
rate yourself one-to-ten: shit i dont know a 6
tell us your opinions on:

-abortion (whoa! soo cliche!) a woman should be able to have an opinion, i think that it isnt the right chioce but some people dont really get a chioce, the father has the chioce the whole time to stay and leave., We do not, Its seems like no matter the abortion we wont be able to live it down or forget.
-feminism/women's rights: I love it, I love how i can walk to up a man, call him an "asshole" spit on his shoe and walk off. A hundred years ago women wouldnt have done that or been able to in the least.
-plastic surgery: Its all a big deal now, Its been going on forever, i dont see anything wrong with it., in some cases, i dont like watching that show where they have to see their kids and shit later on. its horrible that you wont bereconized by the face that your child grew accustom to. Its really sad. When i picture my mom i think of the same face all the time. the one i grew up with . Honestly i think its sick.
-smoking?///drugs? i smoke and i drink, It hasnt became a big problem. One of my friends Died this spring in a car crash he was D.U.I it was sad becuase i knew he died doing something that he loved. it made me sad to think that life is really short and you make the decisions that will change the future.I changed alot of shit after that i i quit doing shit that i shouldnt have even thought about at my age. But i do drink and smoke its nothing much to me. I do it because i have alot of fun. That becase i am sad or addited.
-homosexuality: Its nothing to me., I see the diffrence but i wont discriminate them for who they are. Its lame and it just shows that you are weak and like to pick on it because you dont know of it.
-racism- Its all in the way you see a person. I hang out with a whole bunch of people i could hate because of their color. I dont because i know im better then that.

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