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stir crazy

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location: Dublin
age: 15
music: le tigre, bikini kill, julie ruin, sleater-kinney, chicks on speed, queen adreena, elliott smith
suicidal tendencies?: great band
riot or diet?: riot. although unhealthily fat people should do both
tell us a rumor.: sinead has her clit pierced, apparently
rate yourself one-to-ten: depends on my mood. today, 6
tell us your opinions on:

-abortion (whoa! soo cliche!) it's illegal here. ILLEGAL! i'm very pro-choice, i really believe that if you want an abortion it should be safely, and readily, available
-feminism/women's rights i'm proud of women in the past helping us get to where we are today, but we haven't gotten far enough so we need to keep working
-plastic surgery god, it's made a total mess of so many beautiful peoples' faces and bodies. but if that's what they want to do, so be it.
-smoking?///drugs? it's up to the individual, the government should control the quality and safety of drugs especially so that it's safer and cleaner
-homosexuality was also illegal here til ten years ago. many of my friends are gay/bi and i have no problem with it
-racism horrible horrible horrible. i don't understand it.

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